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TANGO is a full-service digital agency that offers a tailored approach to meet its clients’ unique needs through branding, data-driven marketing, content creation, digital advertising, and media targeting. The agency values collaboration and client partnership to deliver great creative and measurable results.

Our Process

Before finding a solution, it’s crucial to understand the problem. To achieve this, we start every project with an in-depth kick-off meeting. This meeting allows us to comprehend your challenge, understand the factors behind it, determine your desired outcome and success criteria, and gather insight into your company/organization, its mission and values to align our efforts accordingly.

After gathering insights, we analyze and interpret them to develop a strategic plan. This plan, agreed upon by both parties, serves as a roadmap to guide and validate the development of each deliverable, keeping the project focused and aligned with its objectives.

We adopt an agile project management approach during the creation of deliverables, fostering collaboration and open communication with our clients, promoting joint accountability and flexibility.

Attention to detail is critical, so every deliverable undergoes thorough review by our quality control team. We ensure each item meets high standards in spelling, grammar, design, and functionality, while also adhering to the strategic goals outlined in the planning stage.

Thorough planning is only valuable when properly executed. To maximize impact, we prioritize an inside-out approach to cultivate a culture of advocacy, rolling out projects and deliverables with a well-defined plan.

Our goal is to deliver measurable results and a strong return on investment for our clients. We integrate key performance indicators into every project and continuously monitor and measure them both during and after project completion to ensure success.

Our work does not end when a project is completed. We remain flexible and responsive to changes in our clients’ companies or industries, providing ongoing support to refine and optimize the project for sustained success.

Some of the partners we've danced with.

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“Professional, knowledgeable & creative. A great team to work with. From the strategy, to the creative, to the conception and completion of projects, Tango has been a great asset.“

Byron Mellon Marketing Coordinator - Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers Marketing and Advertising

“Tango has been 'top shelf' for the OUA and our brand.“

Gord Grace CEO - Ontario University Athletics Sports

“The work that Tango produced surpassed our expectations while staying true to our objectives. The secret to our success!“

Anonymous Project Manager - Museums and Institutions