Name of organization:  Volkswagen Fleet Sales
Project:  Brand Awareness Campaign
Project team:  Creative Director, Art Director, Writer, Graphic/Web Designer, Project Manager
Duration of campaign:  6 month
References:  Chris Hoehner


As a brand Volkswagen consistently maintains solid market share. They have a strong value proposition and solid brand attributes, but when it comes to the fleet business, VW struggles to get noticed when competing against the domestic brands like FORD and GM. Striving to increase brand awareness and drive sales within the Fleet industry, VW Fleet engaged TANGO to develop a creatively driven campaign that would create a “buzz” and drive prospects to their new website.


To help support VW Fleet brand and business goals, TANGO initiated a comprehensive site redesign, develop a print and digital campaign and a direct mail to increase website traffic and build awareness.

“More in Every” Drive represents the culmination of best in class products and service to the Fleet industry – simply put, you just get more out of VW Fleet. The campaign started with a Direct Mail inviting Fleet Managers to take a test drive on our newly revised website – which we helped build with our friends from AutoData. All traffic to website was driven by a unique and engaging print and digital campaign.


Our creative approach across the different mediums, presented the VW Fleet brand on a whole new level within the “boring” fleet industry, while enabling it to connect with their customers more effectively. The client was very happy with the performance of the campaign.  They cited that website traffic increased 53%, and their relationship managers leading their corporate clients responded very favourably with client inquires increasing significantly. Additionally, the client said that their prospecting inquiries had increased by 15% to the delight to their regional sales managers.