Name of organization:  Movati Athletic
Project:  Feel Good Event
Project team: Creative Director, Account Manager, Art Director, Writer, Project Manager
Duration of campaign:  1 month
References:  Chuck Kelly


With the dark cold days of winter waning, Spring is a time of looking forward to better weather, outdoor activities and a general rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit.  The client wanted to leverage the season’s zeitgeist to create a month long celebration of Movati based on its values of feel welcome, feel comfortable and feel healthy. In other words it wanted the event to express Movati is Fitness That Feels Good.  The event had multiple objectives whose combined execution would create a synergistic multiplier effect.  The event would help achieve the following: member appreciation, new member acquisition and staff engagement. 


Who says working out feels good? Movati does. To help generate leads and build excitement around the brand experience, we worked with Movati ‘s marketing team to create an event that celebrated “Fitness that feels good”. This one month event gave Movati a platform and a theme to create excitement around getting fit. Supported by Movati’s three brand pillars (Feel Welcome, Feel Comfortable and Feel Healthy) the event helped to motivate and generate leads heading into the ever so difficult summer months.  In addition, the event included club managed member appreciation events and staff engagement with a feel good photo and member feel good stories contest for staff to participate, plus a thrilling consumer contest where existing members and new members could win a vacation getaway.   This campaign was supported by ROP, Flyers, OLAs, Website, Social Media as well as in-club signage, staff wearables.  The event involved everyone! 


The event helped generate a great deal of excitement and positive feelings toward the brand and created a ‘feel good’ experience for all involved.  The event helped drive new member acquisition.  It was most rewarding to see that leads surpassed the month goal by 46%!  Now that feels good.