Name of organization:  Odette School of Business
Project: Undergraduate Recruitment Campaign
Project team: Account Manager, Creative Director, Art Director, Writer, Media Buyer
Duration of campaign:  Annual/Multi-year
References: Andrew Kuntz (Past Faculty)


Accordingly, the marketing objective was multipronged in that Odette sought to not only speak to those already considering business school, but also to those who might not have been thinking about it as their post-secondary focus. The goal was to create and promote excitement among students, both those thinking of business education and, just as importantly, those who were uncertain about it or who had dismissed it altogether as a viable option.



TANGO created a cross-platform brand awareness and recruitment campaign for the Odette School of Business in which every touch-point was designed to not only logically and intellectually speak to potential students, but emotionally connect prospects to the diverse possibilities and rewarding experiences offered at Odette. 

The perception of business school is often limited, with many students – even those considering pursuing a business degree – believing that the field is a narrow and relatively tedious area of study, focusing mainly on dry and uninspiring subjects such as accounting. Working with Odette, we determined that we needed to completely shatter that false and outdated perception. 

Beyond merely building awareness, we sought to position Odette as a place where students could pursue their dreams as much as their education – we wanted to connect the two, conveying that Odette represented a stepping stone to so many amazing future career opportunities. We positioned Odette as a place where students would find a world of possibilities waiting to be seized. This was encompassed by the theme “Not just business as usual.”


As Odette faced a gradual decline in enrolment over the past few years, our campaign initiatives and marketing support aided Odette in revamping its image by better defining both the possibilities and opportunities of a business degree and, more specifically, how Odette stood at the forefront of business programs. This campaign successfully positioned Odette as a leading business school in southern Ontario, helping to place it top-of-mind among prospective students.