Frank Brewing Co.

Straight Up Beer

Having a unique and engaging brand starts with the right name – a name that helps tell the brand story and sets the tone for the design and direction. FRANK, was borrowed from the founders’ no-nonsense grandfather – a relationship most of us can relate to. The core belief of FRANK is to be bold, say what you mean and always produce the best possible craft beer tasting experience. From developing the name and packaging to the website and marketing, the FRANK branding is clean, crisp, and straight to the point. It is a brand with personality, a brand that tells a unique and promising story. Stay crafty – that’s no bull!

Winner of a 2018 Silver Summit Award for best packaging design.

Services: Brand Development, Marketing, Website

When FRANK decided to spice things up a bit, they reached out to us to design the packaging for their new Honey Habanero spicy ale. We had some fun with this one, crafting custom graphics, font and imagery to depict the spicy yet playful taste of this delicious beer.